Maintenance Day Porter – PT

07 August, 2014

Bluestone & Hockley

Job Title: Maintenance Day porter: Part Time 24 — 32 hours per week

Job Category: Maintenance / Janitorial

Short Description:

Report daily to Property Manager and/or Maintenance Supervisor. Travel to on-site locations to complete routine day porter services, periodic service calls and complete appropriate paperwork with minimal supervision. Communicate frequently with maintenance supervisor regarding status of completed work. Communicate with property managers and on-site managers as necessary. 
• Turn in and balance petty cash daily
• Turn in completed paperwork daily
• Complete assigned service orders within 48 hours using quality materials 
• Complete paperwork, upload pictures and check in with supervisor at the end of each service order AND BEFORE starting the clock for the next job
• Call tenants and on-site managers before arriving for a job
• Report unsafe conditions or extraordinary issues to supervisor immediately
• Keep vehicle and company tools in good condition 
• Provide excellent customer service 


1. Police all exterior common areas including sidewalks, parking lots, landscape beds, and bus stop for trash, gum, and other debris to keep the common areas in a first class, clean and orderly condition. 
2. Sweep and/or blow all entrances and walkways to curb line adjacent to tenant entrances. 
3. Trash/ash containers to be emptied, damp wiped, relined as needed, and disinfected on a continual basis.
4. Clean up spills in all common areas as needed. 
5. Police all service courts (behind buildings) and service roads (access between and behind buildings) for trash and debris.
6. Collect stray/abandoned shopping carts and return to nearest ‘cart corral’. Shopping carts that do not belong to one of the Property’s tenants need to be relocated to the designated collection area and reported to Property Manager. 
7. Inspect all common areas for graffiti (including unauthorized stickers) and remove or paint out as soon as possible. Areas to inspect include, but are not limited to, bike racks, light poles, pole bases, parking lot signs/posts, and buildings. If immediate removal or painting is not feasible, report to Property Manager immediately.
8. Check for and dispose of any unauthorized signage, banners, handbills, or other solicitation material not otherwise previously approved by Property Manager. 
9. Clean restroom located in management/security/janitorial office. Refill paper and cleaning products as needed; empty trash receptacles; thoroughly clean toilet, sink and mirror; remove fingerprints from walls, doors, frames, light switches, kick and push plates, and door handles. 
10. Actively observe any safety hazards or maintenance issues in the common areas, such as uneven walking surfaces, pot holes, damaged or missing parking lot signage, damaged light fixtures/electrical covers, hose bibs not working, etc. Report all problems/concerns to the Property Manager immediately.
11. Pull or spray weeds growing out of sidewalk cracks and bottom of buildings within common pedestrian walkways. 
12. Inspect/clean roofs of all buildings. Remove large debris, trash and leaves. Clean roof drains, and visually inspect for defects and report any problems or concerns to Property Manager. 

ADA/OSHA Requirements:

1. Able to lift 50 lbs.
2. Able to drive a vehicle.
3. Able to climb stairs and a ladder
4. Able to stand unassisted for 15 minutes
5. The ability to communicate verbally on the phone and face to face
6. The ability to speak, read, understand and write English 

Compensation: $11-$13 per hour DOE

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