When you are over 60, what do you and your kids do with your real estate investments? 12:00 am

UPDATED: 01-JUN-2006

Tom and Irma spent a lifetime buying real estate. By the time they were in their sixties they owned 4 houses, a 30 unit apartment building, three commercial buildings, and had additionally invested with a couple of friends in some real estate partnerships. […]

2005 Legislative review 12:00 am

UPDATED: 01-SEP-2005

This bill eliminates annual elevator inspections and allows for the frequency and the standards of elevator inspection to be determined by administrative rule. It also allows the elevator Board to set fees that are similar to fees currently being charged for elevator inspections. Most importantly we have a new category of elevator service contractor who is certified by the state and can, by virtue of the certification, submit that an elevator is safe. […]


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