Bluestone & Hockley Maintenance Recommends Spring Property Inspections 3:55 pm


With spring just around the corner, now is the time to think about all the pending home maintenance projects!

Bluestone & Hockley Maintenance recommends an annual exterior inspection of your home or property. Spring is a good time to inspect your roof, windows, and doors for leaks or signs of damage. Cracks in the foundation, paint or siding can lead to costly repairs down the road. Now is the time to schedule these repairs! This spring, Bluestone & Hockley Maintenance is offering exterior inspections along with recommendations for needed repairs…[…]

Choosing An Accomplished Property Manager, So You Can Sleep at Night 11:38 am

UPDATED: 10-FEB-2009

As a successful investor you may have already given thought to hiring a property manager take care of your investments. This article will give you some tips and tools that you can use to help make a successful decision.[…]


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