Bluestone & Hockley Maintenance Recommends Spring Property Inspections

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to think about all the pending home maintenance projects!

Bluestone & Hockley Maintenance recommends an annual exterior inspection of your home or property.  Spring is a good time to inspect your roof, windows, and doors for leaks or signs of damage. Cracks in the foundation, paint or siding can lead to costly repairs down the road. Now is the time to schedule these repairs! This spring, Bluestone & Hockley Maintenance is offering exterior inspections along with recommendations for needed repairs. Call Dave Hakimoglu, Maintenance Manager to schedule your property’s Spring Exterior Inspection or for a free estimate on repairs! 503.222.3800

As we are now beginning to enjoy the spring flowers and be outdoors more often, we may also notice items around our homes and property that could use some attention after the winter rains and storms.  Here are some quick things you can do to prepare your house or property for spring:

  • Remove insulated hose bib covers and store for use next year
  • Pull out vent plugs at the foundation, which were installed before winter.  This provides much needed air circulation in your crawl space.
  • Power wash sidewalks, driveways and decks. Cleaning away moss and preventing foliage growth near structures is important to maintaining masonry and wood. 
  • Apply a moss removal product to your roof to prevent moss build up.  Moss can shorten the life of a roof.
  • Clean out dryer vent.  We recommend annual cleaning and spring is a good time. Keeping dryer vents clean and the exterior flapper operating correctly helps prevent dryer fires — and clothes will dry more quickly, too.

Bluestone & Hockley Maintenance is committed to helping our customers maintain their homes and property, whether it is a retail center, your home, apartment building or commercial property.  We are a full handyman service with a team of 10 trained, multi-skilled technicians with the experience to handle your property maintenance and repairs—large or small.


Immediately after taking over the management of a small retail strip retail center we discovered the previous management company had not estimated, collected or reconciled the tenants triple net (NNN) charges.


We immediately corrected the error and began collecting the triple net charges.


By discovering and correcting the error we increased the owner’s bottom line by 14%


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