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As a past Board Member who voted for Bluestone & Hockley, I am pleased at the wonderful job they are doing for us.

Dennis, Community Association Homeowner


I would recommend Bluestone & Hockley because of their professionalism. I feel confident that things will be handled with little to no drama.

Community Association Board Member


Thank you for your response on the bushes and awning. They were causing problems and our previous manager hadn’t completed the work. Its nice to know we are in good hands.

Sheri, Commercial Property Tenant


Thank you so much, I appreciate B&H’s responsiveness. I wish all my clients were represented as professionally as you represent yours.

Chris Bradley, Umpqua Bank


I noticed our building address board was just updated, which caused me to note how fast the changes related to my relocation to Suite 101 were occurring. During my prior 30 years here, this is by far the fastest the changes have been made. I appreciate the speed at which Bluestone & Hockley responded to my key request. It is great to have a good building manager and I thought I’d let you know.

Flo, Commercial Property Tenant


At every turn you are always on the spot about whatever comes up. Straight forward communication shows integrity and I like that. Thank you for taking such great care of me.

Tamara, Commercial Property Tenant



Responsive and always keep us informed of issues in our neighborhood. I appreciate the notifications.

Darcie, Community Association Homeowner


Friendly and informative as to what is going on in our community. I appreciate all they do to make me feel welcome.

Tobi, Community Association Homeowner
Residential Investor


This apartment complex is well-managed and the manager is very competent and friendly. It is always a pleasure to interact with her, and when we have a maintenance problem, she takes care of it quickly and efficiently.

Sally, Residential Tenant
Tenant at Lake Village Apartments

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