Location, location, location drives real estate value

UPDATED: 01-JUL-2005 Welcome to Central Oregon -- Lake County to be exact. I am gazing out the window of my cabin overlooking Summer Lake, one of the most beautiful places in Oregon. This is a county of deserts, forests, rangeland, lakes and cowboys. [...]

Are CAP rates still a valid indicator of value?

UPDATED: 01-JUN-2005 I just returned from a meeting in the wonderful town of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Twice a year I have an opportunity to meet with other well-established real estate brokers and property managers to discuss the future of real estate investments. This time we discussed Capitalization Rates (CAP). [...]

Death at Spring Bloom apartments

UPDATED: 01-MAY-2005 It was 8:00 on an early September morning when Jen knocked on the manager's door. “Mrs. Righthouse, please come to the door,” she called. Amanda Righthouse, the Spring Bloom Apartments onsite manager, answered the knock with a sleepy look. “How can I help you Jen?” she asked.[...]

Issues you should consider be fore investing in real estate

UPDATED: 01-APR-2005 You may think that investing in real estate is simple, but you first must decide what your investment objectives are. This is equally important for sole owners of real estate, those investing in Tenant in Common investments (TICs), or those with limited or general real estate partnerships. [...]

Construction defect litigation

UPDATED: 01-MAR-2005 Yesterday, Pam the manager of our Condominium/HOA department came into my office and casually mentioned that 20% of our homeowner/condominium association portfolio is currently engaged in some sort of construction defect litigation. This information did not catch me by surprise given the speed in which these properties have been constructed over the past five years. [...]

Ever wonder why no one showed up at the last board meeting?

UPDATED: 01-Jan-2005 Julie, the board president, looked out at the room. The only people present were board members. She knew that she was tired of running the 40 unit Brook Hills Condominium Association. She had been President for the last five years, and her board members had been working with her at least that long. [...]

Do You Have Enough Power Available for Your Tenants?

UPDATED: 01-DEC-2009 Ellen had just graduated from high school and was moving out of her home. So she packed up her computer, her hair dryer, her stereo, TV, DVD, her microwave and her fan to move into her new apartment. [...]

Strategizing a real estate purchase

UPDATED: 01-OCT-2009 Dr. Joanna Flores is a successful medical practitioner. After 10 years in the business she is tired of paying commercial rent and wants to purchase a building for her practice, and share it with a group of other doctors. [...]

The day everything went wrong at the Black Cloud Apartments

UPDATED: 01-SEP-2009 Never name your property: The Black Cloud apartments -- who knows what can happen? It is an invitation to the Gods to wreak havoc with your tenants, and you as the landlord. [...]


Excellent team which took care of all my needs when I needed help.

Doran, Community Association Homeowner


B&H is incredibly organized and does a great job with my neighborhood. They are on top of everything plus they help connect our neighbors….many of which have relocated to the area from out of state.

Tammi, Community Association Homeowner


B&H is fairly new to us, but so far that I can see, they are doing an excellent job. WOW…you talk about customer service!!! I cannot believe how quickly these ladies get back to me if I have a question and making sure that I understand what they or I needed or wanted. I am looking forward to our continued partnership as time goes on. Thanks Bluestone & Hockley for doing an amazing job!

Jeanie, Community Association Homeowner


I have the pleasure of working with Bluestone & Hockley personally and professionally. Every person I deal with is always pleasant and quick to respond and the ease of getting in touch with someone is amazing.

Kayla, Community Association Homeowner


It’s necessary to rely on the judgement and integrity of our property manager. Without hesitation, I can endorse the actions, decisions and advice given to us by B&H. We don’t have to second guess their decisions, because the actions taken were based on years of experience.

Ronald, Residential Investor


First of all B&H is dependable, which is very important to us. Second, everyone is nice and friendly, I always feel OK about calling when I have a question.


Susan, Residential Investor


Efficient, accurate, professional and personable service.

Jim, Community Association Homeowner


Your maintenance department fixed issues in my bathroom left by the last maintenance company. The tech was kind, explained the work he had done, and even asked to cover his shoes before entering. Overall it was a very professional job. Thank you!

Meg, Residential Tenant


Dan was very respectful and explained everything he was going to do before he did it. He also finished faster than he said he would and left the area cleaner than before.

John, Residential Tenant

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