Preserve your property insurance at all costs

UPDATED: 01-MAR-2004 It was just yesterday when you were daydreaming about how happy you were with your real estate investment. Then you got a letter in the mail stating, “This is your notice that we will not be renewing your property insurance upon the expiration of your current policy.” [...]

Meth Lab Blues

UPDATED: 01-JAN-2004 Mrs. Darcy Smith owned a small rental house in the suburbs of her Oregon town. She had inherited the house from her parents and had successfully been renting it for 20 years. Usually the previous tenant would find a new tenant, so it was almost never vacant. Rent came in like clockwork, and the tenants never called her for repairs. As a matter of fact, it had been three years since she had stopped by the property for a visual inspection. Her current tenant was the daughter of a friend of who was working at the local motel as a housekeeper. [...]

King Markus and his money

UPDATED: 01-JULY-2002 King Markus was brooding in his castle. He was broke once again. He turned to his wife, Queen Aminah. “I was thinking about adding a couple of rooms to our castle, but once again our treasury lies bare. I hate borrowing from the moneylenders, and the citizens are already too taxed. One more tax will result in a revolt. That's what happened to King Phillip in the neighboring kingdom.”[...]

Recruiting a successful on-site manager

UPDATED: 01-DEC-2001 If you ever wondered about the business of recruiting an on-site apartment manager, you are not alone. There are a few keys to successfully pulling this off. First, you have to decide what your on-site apartment manager is going to do for you. As with any hiring decision, [...]

Screening Tenants: critical to rental success

UPDATED: 01-JAN-2002 Zeke had been waiting a long time for this day. His Aunt Millie finally had decided that he could help her manage her investment properties. She owned three apartment properties and about ten houses, a small rental empire she had built with her husband. The income from the properties had sent Zeke through college. [...]

Advertise for a great on-site manager

UPDATED: 01-APR-2002 Marshall owned a 66-unit apartment property. He knew from experience that he needed to find a competent on-site manager to keep the units rented. He decided to look in the paper to see who else was looking for an on-site manager. [...]

Common sense tips for real estate investors

UPDATED: 01-JUNE-2002 Those of us that invest in real estate want to know how to get the most out of our investments. Here are a few tips. Let's start with the condition of a unit.[...]

Deciding how long to hold real estate

UPDATED: 01-AUG-2002 Just yesterday I was meeting with a client, trying to help her make the right decision about the timing of the sale of her real estate investment. Her 20-unit apartment property is located close to a major shopping center and freeway arterials.[...]

Partnership or LLC for real estate investments

UPDATED: 01-OCT-2002 Morris was 55 years old and had carefully invested for his retirement. He kept record of all of his investments. After 20 years he decided to review his progress. He had invested in the stock market, but always envied those that had real estate investments and kept thinking, "does it make sense for me to be investing in real estate?”[...]


Excellent team which took care of all my needs when I needed help.

Doran, Community Association Homeowner


B&H is incredibly organized and does a great job with my neighborhood. They are on top of everything plus they help connect our neighbors….many of which have relocated to the area from out of state.

Tammi, Community Association Homeowner


B&H is fairly new to us, but so far that I can see, they are doing an excellent job. WOW…you talk about customer service!!! I cannot believe how quickly these ladies get back to me if I have a question and making sure that I understand what they or I needed or wanted. I am looking forward to our continued partnership as time goes on. Thanks Bluestone & Hockley for doing an amazing job!

Jeanie, Community Association Homeowner


I have the pleasure of working with Bluestone & Hockley personally and professionally. Every person I deal with is always pleasant and quick to respond and the ease of getting in touch with someone is amazing.

Kayla, Community Association Homeowner


It’s necessary to rely on the judgement and integrity of our property manager. Without hesitation, I can endorse the actions, decisions and advice given to us by B&H. We don’t have to second guess their decisions, because the actions taken were based on years of experience.

Ronald, Residential Investor


First of all B&H is dependable, which is very important to us. Second, everyone is nice and friendly, I always feel OK about calling when I have a question.


Susan, Residential Investor


Efficient, accurate, professional and personable service.

Jim, Community Association Homeowner


Your maintenance department fixed issues in my bathroom left by the last maintenance company. The tech was kind, explained the work he had done, and even asked to cover his shoes before entering. Overall it was a very professional job. Thank you!

Meg, Residential Tenant


Dan was very respectful and explained everything he was going to do before he did it. He also finished faster than he said he would and left the area cleaner than before.

John, Residential Tenant

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