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Past Due Accounts Story


It's the age-old challenge faced by every community association and property owner: past due accounts and inconsistent collection processes.


First, we conduct an in-depth review of the Collections Resolution process to ensure that past due accounts are being collected in accordance with resolution guidelines. We then provide universal, pre-built templates that make the collection process extremely straightforward. When it becomes necessary to draw upon them, we have excellent working relationships with local attorneys, which can further ease the collection and lien process.


With this system in place, accounts are primarily current and, governing documents for property owners and homeowner associations are being followed, creating less homeowner and Board of Director confusion.

Budget Story


The Board of Directors needed a way to incorporate the association budget and reserve study figures into one common spreadsheet.


Utilizing advanced accounting software, our experienced staff was able to produce one easy-to-read spreadsheet that incorporated all necessary data. The result was a standard chart of accounts that is applicable to all homeowner associations and is still in use at this time.


We now have a system that can be easily updated year after year, that encompasses budget and reserve study figures in an easy-to-view format. Since not all Board members are familiar with financing terminology or spreadsheets, having an easy-to-use format allows for easier comprehension and better-informed decision making.

As a Landlord you cannot afford to ignore the internet

UPDATED: 03-AUG-2009

The world has changed.

There was a time when a landlord rented a vacancy by placing an advertisement in the local newspaper and waited for the phone to ring, or tenants to visit. The classified sections of the local newspapers were packed with ads. You had to be very creative to leap out of the pack of ads.[...]

Investing in Bank Owned and Short-Sale Residential Properties

UPDATED: 07-JUL-2009 Bluestone & Hockley Real Estate Services has for a very long time only offered commercial real estate brokerage services. As with most businesses these days, we've had to modify our business model and have branched out into the brokerage of select residential properties. For us this means representing Banks and Servicers selling their foreclosed inventory and working with Investors to acquire homes for rentals.[...]

Energy Efficiency and Impact On Portland Area Apartment Values

UPDATED: 10-JUN-2009 I Introduction and Overview - Topics to Cover Ӣ Overview of the economy Ӣ Overview of current apartment market conditions - YTD 2009 summary Ӣ Inventory of residential housing Ӣ How energy efficiency fit into the overall scheme [...]

Concession Thoughts

UPDATED: 02-JUN-2009 Now is the time, in a recessionary economic cycle, when owners of investment properties begin to get calls from tenants about rent reductions, forbearance, assistance, desire to cancel their lease and a number of other requests for what amounts to financial assistance from their landlords. In these times it is hard for a landlord to know which way to turn given their own financial situation, the size of their mortgage and other variables.[...]

Can I find financing to buy rental real estate?

UPDATED: 12-MAY-2009 The biggest challenge for real estate investors right now is access to money to finance or refinance their investments. This newsletter will summarize financing options for different kinds of property to help clear some of the smoke in the financial air. Bear in mind that we are in a fluid, ever changing market place. [...]

Rainy Day Fund

UPDATED: 06-APR-2009 As a real estate investor setting aside a reserve fund is always a good practice. Not only is the economy unpredictable, so are the weather and your tenants. How do we evaluate how much to set aside? Let's review some of our risks.[...]


Excellent team which took care of all my needs when I needed help.

Doran, Community Association Homeowner


B&H is incredibly organized and does a great job with my neighborhood. They are on top of everything plus they help connect our neighbors….many of which have relocated to the area from out of state.

Tammi, Community Association Homeowner


B&H is fairly new to us, but so far that I can see, they are doing an excellent job. WOW…you talk about customer service!!! I cannot believe how quickly these ladies get back to me if I have a question and making sure that I understand what they or I needed or wanted. I am looking forward to our continued partnership as time goes on. Thanks Bluestone & Hockley for doing an amazing job!

Jeanie, Community Association Homeowner


I have the pleasure of working with Bluestone & Hockley personally and professionally. Every person I deal with is always pleasant and quick to respond and the ease of getting in touch with someone is amazing.

Kayla, Community Association Homeowner


It’s necessary to rely on the judgement and integrity of our property manager. Without hesitation, I can endorse the actions, decisions and advice given to us by B&H. We don’t have to second guess their decisions, because the actions taken were based on years of experience.

Ronald, Residential Investor


First of all B&H is dependable, which is very important to us. Second, everyone is nice and friendly, I always feel OK about calling when I have a question.


Susan, Residential Investor


Efficient, accurate, professional and personable service.

Jim, Community Association Homeowner


Your maintenance department fixed issues in my bathroom left by the last maintenance company. The tech was kind, explained the work he had done, and even asked to cover his shoes before entering. Overall it was a very professional job. Thank you!

Meg, Residential Tenant


Dan was very respectful and explained everything he was going to do before he did it. He also finished faster than he said he would and left the area cleaner than before.

John, Residential Tenant

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